Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

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Last Updated on July 27, 2021

Slovenia is, hands down, one of the most beautiful nations in Europe. And yet, somehow, it is often overlooked in favour of Italy or Austria. But from the iconic and spellbinding Lake Bled to the capital city of Ljubljana with its mix of gothic, medieval, and baroque architecture, Slovenia is jaw-dropping from one end to the other. And one of the most stunning places for some Slovenia hiking is Triglav National Park.

This is a magnificent area of land that doesn’t ever seem to end, made up as it is of mountains, rolling green hills, rivers, and so many fabulous hiking trails. And here is a full Triglav National Park hiking guide to help you discover all the magic and secrets of the area.

Triglav national park hiking guide


Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

Where is Triglav National Park (and how to get there)

Triglav takes up the entire northwestern corner of Slovenia, bordering both Italy to the west and Austria to the north. It’s truly a massive area of land that includes Mount Triglav, and strolling the area really does feel like disconnecting from the modern world and becoming one with the natural landscape.

While the capital of Ljubljana is pretty much in the dead centre, the very heart of Slovenia, Triglav National Park is pretty far removed from civilisation.

Despite how far away it seems, it actually only takes around 45 mins to an hour for anyone to drive from Ljubljana to the park’s entrance and starting point, which covers almost exactly 60km of road. Or, if you’d prefer to take a bus, that will take around 2.5 hours with a change at the halfway point. But this option does take you a little deeper into the park itself.

So, despite taking longer, the bus definitely has its benefits. It’s also a lot cheaper than renting a car; and, of course, not everybody has the money or the means to rent a car. To that end, taking the bus is a great option.


Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

What to do in Triglav National Park?

You can conquer Triglav however you see fit, but there are a handful of specific areas in the park that are unmissable. These include Seven Lakes Valley in the heart of the park, (which is also known as the Triglav Lakes Valley since there are actually ten lakes), the Soca Trail in the park’s western half, the Julian Alps which cross through the park on their way to Italy, and Mount Triglav which is a little north of the park’s centre.

You can discover a lot more about these areas, and more, below!


Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

Seven Lakes Valley

Seven Lakes Valley is a spectacular area of land at the very heart of Triglav National Park. Reaching the centre to see the incredible views that it offers is worth all the hardcore hiking in the world.

The whole area of Seven Lakes Valley covers a distance of eight kilometres, making it quite a manageable place to explore. And within that space are ten lakes (not seven) which range from relatively small to daunting!

Whether you visit in the summer, when the grass is at its greenest and the flowers are in bloom, or in the winter when snow is covering the entire area, the waters of the lakes are always so still and so clear that they perfectly reflect the sky and the surrounding mountainous landscape.

This turns the water into a mirror of the world around it. The effect is truly magical, and like nothing else you’ll ever lay eyes on.


Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

Soca Trail

The Soca Trail is one of the best, easiest, and most clear-to-follow Slovenia hiking trails for the fact that it follows the Soca River and it connects with a lot of other iconic parts of the national park. The total length of the Soca Trail is 25km and it takes around eight hours to complete.

You don’t have to hike all of it, but there are some incredible sights along the way. These include finding the origin of the Soca River itself, as well as Soca Gorge. This gorge takes up a small section of the Soca River and has been forged by millions of years of water erosion.

Today it is a beautiful and mesmerising piece of natural landscapes that is just one of the incredible and varied sights and experiences of the Slovenia hiking trails offered by Triglav National Park.


Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

Julian Alps

The Julian Alps run through Triglav National Park and carry on across the border and into Northern Italy.

The famous Mount Triglav, after which the park is named, is just one of the peaks of the Julian Alps. Hiking and climbing Mount Triglav is very possible. It takes six to seven hours to do so, and kids over ten can do it if they’re fit enough.

It does require the use of ropes as you get towards the summit, but most of the hike just requires some fitness and concentration. You can head up Mount Triglav from Krma Valley for the smoothest and most sensible hike.


Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

Vršič Pass

If you’re not too interested in some Slovenia hiking, and would rather the speed and freedom of Slovenia driving, then the Vrsic Pass is what you’re looking for. This incredible long and winding road takes you on a route straight through the national park and across the Julian Alps.

You can drive, or even cycle, the entire route, and it’s a great way to see the entire park with all of its jaw-dropping views without ever having to hike across hours and hours of mountainous terrain.


Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

When’s the Best Time to Visit?

You can visit Triglav pretty much any time of year, and there are benefits to every season. Even a winter hike up Mount Triglav is entirely possible, if a little more dangerous.

It might be best to avoid the very depths of winter (January and February) but other than that each season brings its own beauty which is entirely down to your tastes! Summer gets very hot and the winter snow sticks around until March, so the best time to visit is entirely your choice.


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Triglav National Park Hiking Guide, Slovenia

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