About me

Hey, I’m Anita and I run this website.  I moved to the Balkans in 2017 (Albania specifically) and I am a firm believer that this one of the most unique regions within Europe.  The Balkan Peninsula holds so much history and beauty and is often overlooked by tourists coming to Europe.

Starting this website has always been a dream of mine.  I already have another blog called Anita Hendrieka where I write about my adventures all over the world but specifically a lot on Albania.  I have been running that for over 8 years now and last year it was named the best New Zealand travel blog.

I am currently living in the south of Albania (in Saranda), with my boyfriend Koli and my adopted street dog, Oreo.  Oreo mostly sleeps and eats but Koli and I also have a YouTube Channel where we show the beauty of Albania and beyond.

I have travelled extensively all over the world since 2011 but when I stepped on Balkan soil it was like nowhere I had travelled to before and I instantly fell in the love.  

Over the past couple of years, I have gotten such a response from my readers and tonnes of thank you messages for writing and bringing more attention to Albania and the Balkan area.

Making a Balkan website just felt natural and an extension of what I love doing already, and that is sharing information about a place I not only fell in love with, but also a region that doesn’t have a lot of practical information about it already.  

And so this website was born!  Travelling Balkans is a website to help you plan your Balkan adventure with lots of juicy practical information on the best places to visit, the best food to eat and the must-do experiences.

Current Location
Current Location
Saranda, Albania