what is travelling balkans?

Travelling Balkans started in 2019 but was an idea of mine years before. I (Anita Hendrieka) run another travel blog which was started in 2011 called Anita Hendrieka.  


After travelling and later moving to Albania in 2017 I started to write useful and practical information on my travel blog about Albania after seeing a gap in the market. I have had thousands of likes, comments and emails thanking me for highlighting Albania and giving free and up-to-date info, making their travels easier. So, naturally, I decided to create a whole space on the internet dedicated to the Balkans, which is my favourite region within Europe and the world.  


The Balkans is such a vast, interesting, culturally rich region that is slowly starting to attract more and more people. But there is not much information on the internet that’s correct and up to date. On Travelling Balkans, you can find everything you need to know to help you plan your perfect Balkan trip!


Travelling Balkans is a niche website so if you have a business within the Balkans or promote travel to the region, I would love to talk more with you.


You can email contact@travellingbalkans.com for more information on rates, audience and more!