Is Slovenia Safe to Visit?

is slovenia safe

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Last Updated on July 27, 2021

Is Slovenia safe? When it comes to travel, regardless of the destination, our own personal safety is absolutely paramount. But what does safety mean, exactly? There are a lot of factors to consider, from massive, life-threatening dangers like natural disasters and terrorism, to small but still serious issues like money scams and pickpocketing.

Discussing safety gets even more tricky when we consider that a country might be deemed unsafe in one respect but perfectly safe in another, and even more tricky when we look at how governments and the public deal with these dangers.

A great example is Japan, a country with a crime rate of almost zero, where visitors are at no risk at all of being attacked, threatened, or pickpocketed. And yet, natural disaster rates are incredibly high. But ask anyone if Japan is considered safe, and they’ll say yes. And so, when we talk about safety, we must think about dangers both human and natural.


All of this being said and accounted for, Slovenia is one of the safest countries on Earth. That factors in natural disasters, petty crime, terrorism, and scams. Safety in Slovenia is all but guaranteed. That shouldn’t mean you should get complacent during your Slovenia travel, however.

Accidents happen and crime does exist, as it does everywhere. So let’s look at some Slovenia safety tips that will guarantee you have a perfect, safe, and memorable time exploring one of Europe’s most naturally beautiful countries.


Common Crimes in Slovenia

No country has zero crime, but Slovenia’s crime rate is delightfully low. Still, in order to stay safe, we should always know what the most common crimes in Slovenia are in order to ensure our own safety in Slovenia. Here are some of the crimes to look out for during your Slovenia travel.


is slovenia safe

Pickpocketing and Purse-snatching

Pickpockets exist in every city on Earth, and the same is true for the busy parts of Ljubljana. When exploring the popular tourist hotspots like shopping streets and historic sites, the likelihood of being pickpocketed only goes up. Generally, safety in Slovenia is so high that you can leave things unattended in a cafe or a restaurant and they won’t go missing. Still, why take the risk? Be savvy at all times and keep an eye on your things, wherever you are.

Take simple steps to ensure the safety of your wallet, purse, phone, passport, and other essentials by always avoiding using your backpocket. Men, keep your wallet and phone in your front pockets. Women, keep a close and firm hold on your purse when you’re in a bustling crowd. If you visit the bathroom while you’re at a cafe, take your things with you. That includes your laptop and purse. Leave your jacket if you want to keep your table.

These simple Slovenia safety tips will go a long way to keep you and your things safe. That said, it’s worth reassuring you that Slovenia really is one of the safest countries, and the chances of being pickpocketed are incredibly low. But they’re zero if you take a little extra care.



is slovenia safe

Photo by Peter Kasprzyk on Unsplash

Taxi Scams

Scams is a strong word. You won’t find any fake taxi firms or unmarked cabs in Slovenia. But taxi drivers do know a tourist when they see one, and taxis that hang around airports and train stations know that visitors are less experienced and more naive than locals, and so they will try and get away with charging more than a taxi ride is worth.

The easiest way to avoid this is to ask how much the cost of a journey to your chosen destination should come to (maybe even ask two different drivers) and make sure the driver starts the meter running immediately.

If you want to avoid taxi scams entirely, why not rent a car of your own during your Slovenia travel? Renting a car in Slovenia is cheaper than in all Western European countries, so if you can rent a car, you definitely should! Slovenia’s landscape is unparalleled, for one thing. And, for another, it means you’re in no danger of being ripped off by a potential taxi driver.


Car Break-ins

If you are renting your own car in Slovenia, potential break-ins are a possibility. Thieves in Slovenia can be very opportunistic and, if you leave a tempting valuable item on the seat in plain view, the chances of having a break-in theft are quite high. In fact, car break-ins are probably the most common crimes in Slovenia. They’re also very easy to avoid.

Your car will be insured against break-ins when you rent it, but your belongings won’t be. So, either take them with you when you leave the car, hide them under the seat or in the boot out of sight. If you hide your things, your car is insured and your valuables are safe and secure.


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Road Safety in Slovenia

We’ve discussed the potential crimes that can occur in Slovenia (low as they are in one of the world’s safest countries). And there’s almost zero likelihood of violent crime or natural disaster. But what about road safety?

As a pedestrian and as a driver, how safe are the roads in Slovenia? Well, it probably won’t surprise you to find out that Slovenia is also one of the safest countries in Europe when it comes to road safety as well. The roads in Slovenia are amazingly well maintained.

Given how much of the country is rugged and rural countryside, this is both surprising and wonderful news. Wherever you go, you’re unlikely to find a dangerous and unmaintained road anywhere. Driving in Slovenia is done on the right, and everyone reliably follows the rules of the road.

You shouldn’t find any real culture shock when it comes to the behaviour of drivers in Slovenia.

In short, both walking and driving in Slovenia is safe, and you shouldn’t worry when you go to rent a car in Slovenia. That said, you should pay close attention to the rules of the road when you’re behind the wheel, and look both ways before you cross the street, just like you would anywhere else in the world.


Travel insurance in Slovenia

Make sure you are always covered when travelling.  Two companies which are highly recommended are World Nomads and SafetyWing.  Travel insurance is essential when travelling!



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is slovenia safe? is slovenia safe?

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