How to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled

How to get from Ljubljana to Bled

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Last Updated on July 27, 2021

Are you ready for a magical trip to one of the most picturesque spots in Europe? Visiting Lake Bled is an absolute must while you’re in Slovenia and an unforgettable trip – the trip of a lifetime, in fact. Bled is a small town roughly 32 miles from the city of Ljubljana, making it an easy journey for a quick trip or a relaxing couple of days away from the big city. It’s also nestled at the edge of Lake Bled, the most famous natural wonder in all of Slovenia, famous for the castle that overlooks it and the church on the island at its centre.

Bled island sits at the heart of the lake and is undoubtedly one of the most fairy tale sights imaginable; it’s obvious why this scenic part of the country has attracted so much tourism lately. There’s so much more to do in the area than just visit the island though so if you’re able to book a chalet and explore further, it’s definitely recommended to enjoy what there is to offer.

Getting from Ljubljana to Lake Bled is, thankfully, very easy and there are a few ways to get there each with their own pros and cons. Public transport in Slovenia is well organised and punctual but perhaps you’d prefer a Slovenia road trip? Driving with the flexibility to hop out for pictures is so worth it in a place this pretty. Get ready to find out what options there are for getting from Ljubljana to Bled below.


How to get from Ljubljana to Bled

Ljubljana to Lake Bled by Bus

There’s really no downside to taking the Ljubljana to Bled bus. It’s direct, there are many coaches leaving the city every day (hourly between 6 am – 9:45 pm) so there’s a great degree of flexibility. It’s also reasonably priced! The bus station is centrally located, on Trg Osvobodilne right in front of the train station so it’s quick to get to.

Arriva is the most popular bus company to take and offer the most service, you’ll even find WiFi, toilets, and AC on board. If you’re ready to book then there are a few ways to go about it, you can either go ahead of time and pick one up at the station or you can take a chance and buy one on the day as there are so many buses. Although this is perhaps not ideal if you’re travelling in high season or at the most popular time of day (usually around 8 am-11 am). You can check the schedules online in advance, you’ll be going from Ljubljana AP Station to Bled Station so just put those in the search bar.

If you want to just reserve a ticket online, it’s easy to do and they take most major credit and debit cards. You can expect to pay around eight euros for a single and around twelve euros for a return. It is actually cheaper to buy them at the station so if you’re on a budget and want to save around three euros then this is a great option!

When booking online you’ll receive an electronic reservation but bear in mind that you’ll need to exchange this for a ticket at the station so make sure you leave with plenty of time to do that. You can’t board the bus with just your electronic reservation so don’t risk it. The Ljubljana to Bled bus normally leaves from bay 7 and the bus will say ‘Bled’ on the front. There’s also luggage storage in the station if you need it.

Head to Arriva for ticket booking and schedules


How to get from Ljubljana to Bled

Ljubljana to Lake Bled by Train

Travelling by train to Bled is certainly a scenic trip winding through those gorgeous Slovenian forests, and it’s a little quicker than the bus (if you get the high-speed option). However, it does have a downside compared with taking the Ljubljana to Bled bus – location. The train station in Ljubljana is very central and right next to the bus station but the train station in Bled is over 4km outside town so you’ll need to take a taxi or bus into the town. This adds to the overall cost and time, so I’d only recommend this if you’re particularly keen to travel Slovenia by train.

There are a few class options when it comes to the train, the slower train (1.5 hours) is around six euro single and there’s a high-speed train which costs around ten euro. Both of the options are clean, comfortable and a smooth ride. The trains start from around five in the morning so you do have the choice of leaving earlier than if you go by bus.

You can check the train timetables on Slovenia National Rail’s website.


Ljubljana to Lake Bled by Car

Fancy a drive towards the border of Austria on a Slovenia road trip? Driving to Bled is an easy journey, mostly up highway E61 (the same route as the bus takes). You’ll also go through one long tunnel on the way. This is a great option if you’d like to explore more of the small towns around the lake area or just want to get off-the-beaten-track in general. You also have a great deal of flexibility and can make scenic photo stops on the way.

You can hire a car in Slovenia for around 20 euros per day which works out cheaper than your average tour and is also cheaper than public transport (if you’re travelling as a group or couple). Driving is also the quickest way to get to Bled and you can be there in 35-minutes which saves a lot of time.

Taking a taxi is also an option which can work cheaper if you’re a group of four, particularly if you book it in advance. It’ll cost 50-80 euro and also takes 35-minutes. A perfect option if you don’t want the stress of driving!


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Ljubljana to Bled makes for an easy Slovenia day trip and is very convenient to get to with a number of routes and options. Whichever way you choose to get there you’re bound to have a wonderful time. Enjoy!


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How to get from Ljubljana to Bled How to get from Ljubljana to Bled



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