8 Things to do at Lake Bled, Slovenia

8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

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Last Updated on July 27, 2021

Lake Bled is one of the most iconic lakes in all of Europe. But what makes it so iconic, and why should you visit Lake Bled? Well, the biggest draw is simply how it looks; the word ‘epic’ comes to mind.

At the heart of Lake Bled sits an island, and on that island is the famous Church of the Assumption. Then, at the edge of the lake is Bled Castle, which sits proudly atop a hill.

Finally, Lake Bled is at the eastern edge of the enormous and picturesque Triglav National Park. These are just a few of the things that make Lake Bled as truly magical as it is. There’s plenty more besides. Let’s take a look at the eight very best things to do at Lake Bled when you visit.


8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia


Glamping, the hip new way to go camping, is awesome. Even if you’re someone who loves to go camping in the raw, traditional sense, glamping is a fun luxury that you just can’t deny. And where better than at Lake Bled? There are actually quite a few places to do glamping and Lake Bled, from cheaper glamping sites near the water’s edge to an elaborate and interconnected suspended village of treehouses in the forest just beyond the lake.

While glamping is awesome all across Europe, the options available and the quality of the glamping sites at Lake Bled are second to none! Hence why there are a handful of great options. And there’s nothing better than soaking in a hot tub with a view of Bled Castle and the sound of the water at your back.


8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Climb Up to Bled Castle

Bled Castle is the oldest castle in all of Slovenia, dating back more than a millennium! It is perched atop a hill at the edge of Lake Bled and towers over it like an angry parent or a god. Visiting the castle and exploring it properly costs you around $11 and is well worth the money for the views alone!

From the balconies and terraces of Bled Castle you can get a complete view of the entire lake, the Castle of the Assumption at its centre, and the endless green mountains and hills of Triglav National Park which stretch on endlessly into the distance and beyond the horizon. This castle is what makes visiting Lake Bled such a true fairytale experience.



8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Visit the Church of the Assumption

To get to this very special baroque church, you need to take a boat ride (or even rent your own boat). The church itself sits on Bled Island, which has the proud status of being the only island in all of Slovenia, and almost all of the island is taken up by the church and its grounds.

The church itself is in perfect condition, astonishingly maintained for centuries. And the church isn’t only for tourism. It’s an active church that hosts baptisms, weddings, and even holds confession. Can you imagine getting married on an island in the centre of a lake, surrounded by mountains? Paradise isn’t a big enough word for it.


8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Try the Famous Bled Cream Cake

Bled cream cake is a local delicacy that originated in Bled, the beautiful medieval town that sits at the edge of Lake Bled. The town with a very heavy metal name is the second most popular tourist destination in Slovenia after Ljubljana, and people come from far and wide just to try their famous Bled cream cake.

It’s a sweet, creamy delicacy of pure indulgence that has to be tried to be believed. The cafe at Bled Castle sells it, and there’s no better place to enjoy Bled cream cake than on a stone balcony overlooking Lake Bled, I’d wager.


8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Explore Triglav National Park

The edge of Triglav National Park is a short walk from the western edge of Lake Bled, and is daunting in its size and scope. Triglav National Park is almost a country in and of itself and you could fit around 100 Lake Bleds inside it. Triglav National Park is a complete landscape ecosystem consisting of mountain peaks, rolling hills, forests, and sweeping vistas.

The allure of exploration is undeniable, and you can spend days upon days wandering and getting joyously lost in this massive national park. It’s a wondrous place to escape the world, hike, stroll, and forget everything.


Hike Up Osojnica Hill

Osojnica Hill is one of several hills close to Lake Bled that’s easy to climb and get a perfect view of Lake Bled. Of all the hills near the lake, this one is the most famous because it’s the most practical for anyone to climb and also offers some of the very best views. Spend an afternoon hiking up this relaxed green hill and marvel at your surroundings as you get a clear view of Lake Bled, Church of the Assumption, Triglav National Park, and Bled Castle.

accommodation in bled


Go Kayaking Across the Lake

While Lake Bled is, naturally, a very relaxed place to explore, with Bled cream cake to be eaten and campsites to relax at, there is a bit of daring to be had with the kayaking options. Kayaking is not for everyone, but if you’re someone who enjoys it then there’s nothing quite like setting out onto the waters of Lake Bled alone with just a small boat to keep you afloat. You can also swim in the lake if you prefer, but you won’t get as far or feel as free as you will in a kayak.


8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Picnic at the Edge of the Water

With Lake Bled being one of the most idyllic, peaceful, and picturesque spots in all of Europe, is there really a better place to have a picnic? Get some Bled cream cake from a cafe to take away with you and eat it by the waterside. Bonus points if you picnic at sunset and watch the world slowly darken into peace.


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8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia 8 Things to do in Lake Bled, Slovenia

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