3 Romania Itinerary Ideas (7, 10, and 14 Days)

3 Romania Itinerary Ideas (7, 10, and 14 Days)

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Last Updated on July 10, 2021

Romania is a unique and special country, thanks in large part to its size and the way that its towns and cities are so spread out. What this means for budding travellers hoping to explore the country at their leisure is that the country bends itself to your time schedule. Only have a week in Romania?

That’s time enough to explore all of Transylvania. You’ve got two weeks in Romania? Then you can see Bucharest as well, and even head to Timisoara. Romania is huge, with a varying landscape of mountains and valleys that divide and separate its towns and cities, which means that you can see as much or as little of the country as you have time to.

However long you have, here is how to spend 7 days in Romania, 10 days in Romania, and 14 days in Romania.


7 Days in Romania Itinerary 

One week is the perfect amount of time for you to see all the best parts of the Transylvania province of Romania. The country is divided into three provinces: Wallachia to the south, Transylvania in the centre and north, and Moldovia in the east. Moldovia is mostly made up of small provincial towns, and Wallachia is home to the country’s capital of Bucharest.

Transylvania, however, is where you’ll find most of the country’s medieval history, as well as its most dynamic and beautiful towns. With 7 days in Romania, you can see it all!



You’ll want to make Brasov your hub during this week. You can afford a reasonably sized hotel here for a few days. Brasov is a two-day city; everything can be seen, photographed, explored, and eaten in two days. During your stay, make sure to visit the world-famous Black Church and the scorched painting of the Virgin Mary inside.

Also enjoy the local foods at the best restaurant in town: La Ceaun. There, you can enjoy sarmale, mici, and papanasi. The Romanian hat trick.


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Bran Castle

The most famous castle in all of Romania is a day trip from Brasov. It takes an hour to get there by car, and there is enough to do to fill hours of exploring, learning, and photographing the castle. Built in the 14th century, Bran Castle was the inspiration for Dracula’s castle in Bram Stoker’s novel. It is also filled with gorgeous antiques collected by Romania’s most beloved monarch: Queen Marie.


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Rasnov Fortress

This is another day trip from Brasov. Also built in the 13th century, Rasnov Fortress is a monstrous hilltop citadel that has been almost untouched by time. It’s an incredible stone ruin that overlooks the valley below, stretching the horizon all the way back to Brasov and beyond, to the snow-capped mountains in the distance.


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Leave Brasov behind and head north to Romania’s second-largest city: Cluj-Napoca. On your way, stop for a single night in Sighisoara. This is Romania’s most perfectly maintained medieval town. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site for good reason. Sighisoara is where the real Dracula was born, and you can still visit his home, which is now a lovely local restaurant.


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The two days you have left are the perfect amount of time to explore the art and food scene of Cluj-napoca. This is a city filled with good art and theatre. The local restaurants are all high-end and so much of the town’s historic streets and buildings remain intact. The people are kind and charming, and this is the perfect place to finish off your 7 days in Romania.




10 Days in Romania Itinerary

If you have an extra few days spare, taking your week in Romania up to 10 days in Romania, this gives you just enough time to follow the exact same Romania itinerary as above, but now you can also add Bucharest to the agenda.

The best way to do this is to begin in Bucharest and spend three nights there, before moving up to Brasov, where the 7 days in Romania itinerary begins. Three days is the perfect amount of time to fully explore Bucharest and everything it has to offer.


What to Do in Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest is an enormous city, and heavily congested with pretty intense traffic, but there is a cheap and reliable metro system and, if you base yourself within walking distance of the city centre, you can see and do everything on foot. This is because the best parts of Bucharest can be found in the old town district which comprises the city centre.

In Bucharest old town, you’ll find Carturesti Carusel, one of the most splendid and beautiful bookstores in Europe. On this bookstore’s top floor is a lovely bistro that serves excellent coffee. On the same street is a slew of local restaurants and bars to relax at. And on the other side of the old town is the world’s heaviest building: Romania’s Palace of Parliament. An enormous structure that must be seen to be believed.


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14 Days in Romania Itinerary

If you have 14 days in Romania, you can follow this exact same ten day itinerary, but with the luxury of being able to take your time with it. The best way to spend this time is to rent a car. The seven and ten day Romania itineraries can both be easily completed by using trains and buses to get across Transylvania, but 14 days in Romania makes for a perfect road trip.

If you rent a car make sure you have travel insurance. I highly recommend World Nomads or SafetyWing.




Begin by spending three days in Bucharest, then taking a train to Sinaia, a small town to the north. There, you can rent a car and begin your journey north to Brasov and the rest of Transylvania. With extra time to play with, you can visit the numerous saxon villages found a short drive from both Brasov and Cluj-Napoca.

Once you have finished your time in Cluj-Napoca, you will have enough time to drive south-west to Romania’s third-largest city: Timișoara. This city has enough to see and explore in two days, before at last driving your rental car east and back to Bucharest, thus completing a perfect 2 weeks in Romania on an epic cross-country road trip.


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3 Romania Itinerary Ideas (7, 10, and 14 Days) 3 Romania Itinerary Ideas (7, 10, and 14 Days) 3 Romania Itinerary Ideas (7, 10, and 14 Days)

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