25 Unique Things to do in Serbia

26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

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Last Updated on July 27, 2021

As with most of the countries in Europe, Serbia is full of many places to go and things to do. This list collates some of the unique things a traveller can do when visiting the historic nation.


25 Unique Things to do in Serbia


1. Visit Tara National Park

A noteworthy member of the Dinaric Alps, Tara National Park presents the visitor with some of the most scenic views that Serbia has to offer. The part features magnificent ravines, shimmering bodies of water, and forested slopes that go on for at least 220 km sq. The biggest attraction of the park is Drina River Canyon – the third largest river canyon in the world. The canyon induces vertigo in those who stand at its top, and the river cuts down through the cliffs, making for great pictures and even greater ripper raft experiences.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Image by GoodMate from Pixabay 

2. Walk Down Knez Mihailova Street

Located in the capital, Belgrade, Knez Mihailova Street is the main and most ancient walking street in the city. Knez Mihailova still maintains traces of the ancient days when it was built and visitors to the city love to take in the spirit as they walk down the street that spans from Kalemegdan Central Park and Fortress to Terazije square. The street features buildings that speak of different architectural schools and those buildings play host to a variety of amazing institutions.

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3. Visit Gora National Park

Whenever you make a list of places to go in Serbia, a few places in nearby Montenegro must make a guest appearance. One such places are the Biogradska Gora National Park, located within the Kolašin municipality. Gora National Park is rife with rigid mountains, glacial lakes, and virgin forests. In fact, it is renowned as one of the three largest virgin forests remaining in Europe.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Photo by Lazar Gugleta on Unsplash

4. Experience the Best of Novi Sad’s Art Scene

If you are in Novi Sad, you will find that the beautiful city is home to the most beautiful pieces of art, from large murals to little A4 frames. You can find some great work in museums and galleries, but most of the best art is to be found outside the Kombinat area and tucked into the alleyways that ride of the main streets of Novi Sad.


5. Get a 360 view of Novi Sad’s Main Square

Also known as Freedom Square, Trg Slobode sits at the center of Novi Sad and connects the entire city. If you want to get an expansive view of the city at large, you can take a 360-degree camera (a regular one works as well) and get a full panoramic look at the most beautiful and important buildings in Novi Sad. Take a look at Novi Sad’s huge cathedral, situated opposite to the massive Town Hall. You can also get a view of places like Hotel Vojvodina and the Tanurdžić Palace. Check out this awesome tour that goes to Novi Sad from Belgrade!


6. Explore the Churches and Synagogue of Novi Sad

Visiting ancient churches is one of the things most tourists love to do and Novi Sad’s largest Catholic church, the Name of Mary Church is one of the places tourists visit the most whenever they are in Novi Sad, Serbia. Magnificent and awe-inspiring, it is only one of the beautiful churches that Novi Sad is home to. Tourists also visit Saint George’s church, the main orthodox cathedral in Novi Sad, and the Novi Sad Synagogue.

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7. Shop at Serbia’s Prettiest H&M in Novi Sad

For lovers of beauty and fashion, the Kralja Aleksandra branch of the famous H&M store is often regarded as a religiously beautiful site. Located on the south side of Novi Sad’s City Hall, the store occupies a space in a modern but luxury row of apartments. Its interior is tastefully designed and the tiles, the ceiling, and banisters all speak of custom attention to detail, setting off the mass-production clothes on sale.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Image by Danilo Krnjaić from Pixabay 

8. Visit Novi Sad’s Fortress, Petrovaradin

Also known as “Gibraltar on the Danube”, Petrovaradin is one of the most legendary landmarks in Novi Sad. Built on top of the remains of other structures from times when the Romans, the Hungarians, and the Turks ruled the land, Petrivaradin is one of the most impressive monuments in Serbia. Modified for modern use, visitors to Petrovaradin can now navigate through different tunnels and levels, wandering over moats and through arched gates. At the top, there are some shops and cafes. There is a great walking tour to do if going to the fortress, click here to check it out!


9. Visit the church of St. Sava, Kalemegdan

If you have listed great churches among your places to visit in Serbia, then the church of St. Sava in Kalemegdan should definitely be on your list. The architecture behind this place of worship is astounding and leaves visitors with a sense of awe. Part of the awe also comes from the size of the church, which looms over most of the city landscape and the massive stained windows that pay tribute to the Christian faith.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Photo by Rade Šaptović on Unsplash

10. Go to Studenica Monastery

Serbia is not only home to brilliantly-designed churches, but also monasteries which are well recognized for their spirituality and fascinating architectural design. Of the many monasteries in Serbia, Studenica is one of the most popular – an exhibit of the best in medieval Serbian architecture. The grounds are structured to create a sense of tranquillity in its inhabitants, offering a level of spirituality that is felt even by tourists as they walk the beautiful grounds.


11. Check out Subotica’s City Hall

Of the many cities in Serbia, Subotica is probably the least popular of them all. However, its lack of popularity is in no way a reflection of the beauty to be found in that city. For example, the City Hall of Subotica is a jaw-dropping jewel of Art Nouveau architecture. This building was designed and constructed in the early 20th century with an astonishing amount of detail, making it something to marvel at nearly a century after.


12. Visit the Grave of Serbia’s Longest Living Ruler

In the capital city of Kalemegdan, a piece of Serbia’s history rests in the grave of the person who ruled Yugoslavia, before it went on to become the Serbia we know today. A communist leader, Josip Broz Tito ruled the people of Yugoslavia for the majority of its existence and was loved by the people as being a beneficent ruler. People still go to his tomb, known as House of Flowers, to pay homage and leave flowers as they loved him dearly.


13. The House on the Drina

Some people are in love with the large and majestic and so gravitate towards sites like the Church of St. Sava. However, for those who are enthralled by architecture that is small and intimate, the House on the Drina captures that perfectly. It was built in 1969 by swimmers who wanted to have a comfortable rest place when they went down the river.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Image by Arvid Olson from Pixabay 

14. Belgrade fortress

The history of this ancient Serbian fortress is long and very dramatic. Also known as Kalamegan, Belgrade Fortress has been fought over many times, seeing about 115 and being destroyed at least 40 times since its construction, centuries ago. Although the fortress is now home to many cafes, people looking for things to do in Serbia are often attracted by the bloody history behind this amazing structure.


15. Fruška Gora National Park

Fruška Gora National Park is the oldest national park in Serbia, extending at least 80km through many hills and plains that teem with life. Home to thirty-five monasteries that popped up from the 15th to the 18th centuries, Fruška Gora sheltered the holy people of Serbia from persecution by the Turks. Sixteen of those original thirty-five still remain and can be visited by tourists.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Photo by Fred Pixlab on Unsplash

16. Skull Tower in Nis

The history of this important monument is one that Serbians strive to keep intact as they serve as a reminder of the destruction that can come with tyranny. The original tower was built with 952 skulls by the violent Ottomans who ruled the land with terror. Although less than 60 skulls still remain, the site is still in the memories of the people. This is a great day trip destination from Belgrade!


17. Tesla Museum

In the city of Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Museum exists to honor the life and inventions of the legendary scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla. The museum contains almost 200,000 documents, books, and journals relating to the life and works of this great man, as well as photographs, photo plates, technical exhibits, instruments, and more than 1000 drawings and plans.


18. Learn Mythology at Đavolja Varoš

Serbia is deeply steeped in history and mythology and much of the latter surrounds the preternatural collection of more than 200 different rocks in unique formations. Also known as the Devil’s Town, myth has it that these rocks were formed with the tears of humans that formed pacts with the devil and any of his servants and thereafter tried to betray them.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Photo by Aleksandar Popovski on Unsplash

19. Visit the prettiest town in Serbia

Sremski Karlovci may not be the biggest or wealthiest town in Serbia, but tourists are still drawn to visit based on the sheer beauty of the town alone. As small as it is pretty, all its attractions exist in the town’s square. From its high school which was the first in Serbia, to its fountain which is believed to be one of the most beautiful in Serbia.

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20. Go to Golubac Fortress

There are many fortresses littered all over Serbia. Of them all, however, the fortress known as Goluac, which sits on the edge of Danube in eastern Serbia, is the most aesthetically pleasing from afar. Popularly believed to be the most photogenic fortress in Serbia, many powers have repeatedly tried to conquer it over the centuries.


21. Visit the Village Set of Drvengrad

In Hollywood, the average director or producer dreams of being successful enough to construct their own studio facility. However, in Serbia, Emir Kusturica was successful enough to build his own little village and he named the place Drvengrad. Located in the west of Serbia, this little town has a chill atmosphere and many of its streets are named after famous icons.


26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

Image by Michael Schwinge from Pixabay 

22. Žiča Monastery

For the spiritual aficionado wondering where to go in Serbia, Žiča Monastery is an esteemed place of spirituality and is linked to the developmental years of Serbia. It was founded by the legendary St. Sava and was the head location of the Serbian Orthodox for its first three – four decades of existence.


23. Five Finger, Kosmaj

Almost all the European countries that were affected by the Second World War built monuments to pay homage to all the human beings who lost their lives in the conflict. In Serbia there are many monuments, but the most striking is the five finger memorial that can be found at Kosmaj.


24. Oplenac

Serbia’s history is rife with conflict not only with external parties, but internally as well. Among the ruling families of Houses Karadjordjević and Obrenović , a duel once ensued that resulted in the death of the Obrenović family. They are buried in a magnificent crypt at Oplenac, which is a church outside Topola. Besides the crypt, the church is worth visiting for the amazing mozaic it houses.


25. Gamzigrad

Built in the 3rd century by the Romans who had settled in Serbia, Gamzigrad has stayed relevant even till this modern age. Also known as Felix Romuliana, this Roman compound abounds with temples and palaces and other beautiful places for contemplation. A work of architectural and constructive art, Gamzigradis is listed among the Seven Wonders of Construction.

Serbia is a great country full of museums, palaces, temples, monuments, as well as natural attractions like mountains and rivers. Tell us below which things you would love to do!


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26 Unique Things to do in Serbia 26 Unique Things to do in Serbia

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